Let’s Talk About Beauty & Insecurities

Hey guys! I am Anushka Mallya, and I’m here to share a story about how beauty and insecurities may be very crucially interconnected. Most of all, this is a talk about how I started loving my beauty insecurity, which you will come to know about.  

So, when God was giving out foreheads, I got mine, and I stood back in the queue and repeated this process multiple times. If you haven’t understood the expression, I mean to say that I have been genetically blessed with a big forehead. I didn’t know that I had a big forehead until my 2nd or 3rd grade. It shocks me now how a kid just 8-9 years old could’ve been bullied about something like a facial feature at such a young age. I’m not just talking about a random kid, but the young kid in here is me. I was bullied from a very young age, not knowing anything to do about it.  

So, my mom took me to the salon, and got me side fringes/bangs. And when I got bangs, people would ask me “why did you get bangs” “oh you have those side hair only to hide your forehead right?”, listening to all of this made me very insecure. I didn’t want to do anything, I was demotivated.  

Let me tell you now, how I started embracing my forehead. A little funny side to it actually.  

I never intended to cut my bangs off, but in the late 9th grade, due to immense exam stress and anxiety, I think I started losing a lot of hair. My genetic lottery too didn’t bless me with great hair, so that was another problem. As I started losing hair on the sides, I couldn’t pull my fringes from one side to another. I was forced to have a middle partition right through my head. Thankfully this was during the times of covid, so I always used to alter my pictures, and would be so insecure to step out with my fivehead out.  

I finally arrived to a point to accept the fact that I cannot change the way I am. I cannot change my body coding just so I reduce the size or increase hair growth. My best friend made me feel super comfortable about it, and kept motivating me to embrace what I’ve been blessed with. I realised that surrounding yourself with the best people, who mean good for you is a one-way ticket to losing your insecurities. The negative aspect of all of this was social media, and toxic friends. People would always make snide comments about me just to pull me down. But my mom, my friends, and the people who I love taught me to never care about what they say- its only because they’re jealous of what you have.  

I think everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Everyone should learn to embrace their flaws like I did. You should try to challenge yourself, and try something out of your comfort zone. Who knows? You may look your best.  

As I conclude, there is nothing such as beauty perfection. Everyone is unique, everyone is gorgeous, no one should be put down. I’d like to end this write-up by telling you my motto in life- where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high. In my case, I think my head is definitely held pretty high, literally  

Thank you  

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Beauty & Insecurities

  1. Wow Anushka that is such an inspiring experience. I am sure like you there would be so many people facing these kind of insecurities about their appearance. Your experience will surely boost their confidence in themselves and will help them in embracing those insecurities. Please share this wherever possible you can.

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